Smart bathroom design

Small bathroom design has to be smart bathroom design because there is possibly no other room that needs to function as well as a bathroom. After all, one isn’t required to cook or entertain, but one certainly needs to bathe!

There are certain rules to decorating a small bath, but in the right space, rules can be broken. May these inspirational small bathroom photos, along with decorating ideas and tips for small baths, help you create a bathroom that functions and looks as grand as a large one.

When I tour a home, I often hear, “Oh, we wanted a bathroom [over there, on this floor, off this bedroom, etc] but the area was just too small.” Never underestimate the power of a good floor plan. It may be to your advantage to hire a designer who knows how much space a person needs for legroom, door swing, etc, and can coordinate a fully functional bath to fit your space. Oftentimes, if you can get plumbing and wiring to it, you can fit a bath.

If you need further convincing, check out this beautiful but tiny under-the-stair bathroom featured on Home-Designing.

I know the rule – one should always stick with light colors in small spaces – but dark colors are where the drama is. The great thing about dark colors in bathrooms is that white fixtures and/or light colored tile can provide a nice balance for darker walls, so oftentimes one can get away with a bolder color scheme.

This bathroom featured on Lowe’s came in on the budget at less than $3000. That’s much lower than most bathroom remodels.

The contemporary pebble tile flooring and the sophisticated color scheme is nicely balanced by a more traditional-style pedestal sink and lighting fixture.

Design Sponge featured this tiny, cottage style bath that got a big facelift with a bright, fresh color palette. Again, not a color scheme typically advised for small spaces, but it works with this owner’s unique style and really helped to brighten up this bath’s dark, outdated space.

If you want to go with a bright color scheme in your bath, tread carefully. This works because it flows with the color scheme throughout the rest of the house and matches the homeowner eclectic style.

If you like bright colors but are unsure about the all-over color, consider going with white or light walls and using bright colors as accents.