Simple Ways to Avoid Dehydration During Summer

Dehydration is more common in the summer months than people realize. It can occur slowly, which means many people are no aware it is happening until symptoms become severe. A slight headache, for example, can be perceived as stress. Nausea will sometimes be ignored, and fatigue can be chalked up to the heat of the sun. It is not until a few symptoms combine that people may begin to think something is wrong. That headache and fatigue are suddenly dizziness that threatens balance. The slight stiffness in the muscles that was mistaken for standing up at an odd angle, can quickly become severe cramping. Other symptoms include dry mouth, confusion, lack of concentration, irritability, and fainting.

People are more prone to dehydration in hot months because they do not realize the extent of the heat beating down on them. Reading a book on the patio while there is a cool breeze can still deplete the body of fluids. Relaxing on a blanket at the beach feels fantastic until it is time to pack things up and go home. Driving around in the car doing errands with the air conditioning on can still create dehydration. People do not have to exert themselves, sweat a lot, or go without drinking all day to become dehydrated. It can happen in a matter of a few hours, on days that do not seem too hot, and to healthy people.

The way to avoid dehydration is to drink plenty of the right kind of fluid. That means water, herbal tea, real fruit juices, and milk. Caffeine is a diuretic which depletes the body of fluid and nutrients. Drinking coffee, tea, or soda all day will not necessarily prevent dehydration. Make sure to drink water or other healthy fluids throughout the day. If the family is going to the beach for the afternoon, fill two Stubby coolers with water and juice. These coolers hold a six pack so they are small enough to place in the car, light enough to carry around, and fold up when empty. Drinks stay cool so they will be refreshing. That will encourage even the kids to drink more water on a hot day.